5 Pre=Season Snow Season Tips

Five Pre-Season Snow Season Tips

  1. Develop a comprehensive pre-season snow and ice removal plan
  • Identify existing conditions and trouble spots
  • Establish a plan for how you will remove snow and ice and who will do so.
  1. Identify when removal will take place in correspondence with when the snow falls
  2. Weather Mats: place weather mats at all entrances to the building for a distance of 40 feet. These mats should be placed in both directions to catch snow and water when entering and exiting.
  3. Machinery & Equipment: inspect all equipment from the last snowfall and develop a full maintenance makeover.
  4. Salt: cannot stress the importance of purchasing sufficient salt well ahead of time and of managing its distribution wisely.
  5. Consider hiring a snow removal contractor.

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Stairway in snow. Architectural and seasonal background.