A Look Ahead — January 6-8

Jan. 6 – Jan. 8 Bigger Storm on the Horizon?

Following the mild start to the week, the pattern should shift to a colder and more favorable pattern for snow as the cold air locked over the western and central US moves this way. This will set the stage for a potentially bigger and more widespread snow event. The pattern is quite good for 10 days out, however the question is timing and figuring out the fine details of various interactions. We will describe the two main scenarios below.

As seen in the image to the left, if this storm ends up developing earlier, towards Friday, we would favor a more Mid-Atlantic threat with the cold air more entrenched in the region. This would bring both a snow and ice potential to the majority of the area… The image on the right shows what may occur is the system ends up being later, towards the weekend. In this scenario, the coldest air will be exits, which allows for a further north track that would impact the entire region, but could result in more mixing along the I-95 corridor. Overall, we are favoring the later weekend timing right now, and it looks to be another decent region-wide threat for snow, some of which could be significant and be one of the bigger storms this year.

•If the storm waits until the weekend, the threat extends through the weekend
•Earlier timing would likely limit the threat to the Mid-Atlantic