Color Year-Round

Color Year-Round

Annual flowers add a refreshing burst of color to gardens and yards. Unfortunately, they are short-lived and can leave a feeling of disappointment as they fade and can be expensive to replant each year. Many landscapers prefer to work with plants that will live for several years, surviving the winter months at worst and creating winter interest at best:

  • Perennials

It is a common misconception to think that perennials die over the winter. Although many appear dead, they are actually just in hibernation; their roots are hard at work under the soil preparing for new growth in the spring.

  • Evergreens

When looking for a plant that stays lush all year, evergreens are often the first type of plant that comes to mind.

  • Year-Round Flowers

Not all evergreen plants flower and many that do only bloom at certain times of the year.

  • Containers

Container-grown plants can be enjoyed indoors during cold weather and moved back outside in the spring if desired.


Seasonal Flower Guide:

Spring: azalea, daffodil, forsythia mandevilla, dogwood, wisteria, bearded iris (pictured), peony

Summer: hydrangea, daylily, gardenia, crinum, lantana, crepe myrtle, impatiens, zinnia

Fall: pansy, aster, sugar maple, beautyberry, ginger lily sasanqua camellia, holly, autumn crocus, mum

Winter: winterberry, Colorado blue spruce, amaryllis, Lenten rose, rosemary, saucer magnolia, flowering quince, crocus

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