Common Mistakes in Mowing

Common Mistakes in Mowing

1.) Cutting too short. Scalping the landscape.

Why that’s bad: Scalping increases moisture and nutrition demands as the grass tries to recover from near decapitation.

2.) Not cutting often enough. This happens when people go away or try to cut down on mowing by letting the grass get very long, then whacking it way back.

Why that’s bad: Besides ending up with clogged mowers or mats of clippings, it is not healthy for the grass.

3.) Bagging the clippings.

Why that’s bad: Grass clippings are filled with nitrogen, minerals which help the grass.

4.) Cutting with dull blades.

Why that’s bad: Dull blades make rough, ragged cuts that don’t heal as well as clean, sharp cuts, which increases the odds of disease.

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