Effective Landscape

What Makes an Effective Landscape?

Repetition in Landscape Layering

Consistency in your perennial garden plan is important. Repetition can be created with your plantings using

A specific plant:

Using a specific plant throughout the entire landscape can create rhythm, so that your eye will flow across the landscape.

A specific color:

You can also achieve repetition by choosing multiple plants in the same color family, such as light green, yellow, or even pink! Repeating the same color (even if the textures and sizes vary) will give a similar effect and allow your eye to bounce across the landscape.

Scale in Landscape Layering:

Scale is very important in landscape layering . Scale comes into play in several different ways:

Using the correct size plants so that they will fit into the area when they are full grown.  It’s important to use large enough (or small enough) plantings for the space you are putting them in.

Using varying sizes of plants to create visual interest. Using a small wide plant next to a tall narrow tree will accentuate the features of each plant. Using enough plants for the size of your house and yard. If you don’t use enough plants, your landscape will look a bit scarce and disconnected.

*Source: http://www.prettypurpledoor.com

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