Landscape Design Trends

Landscape Design Trends for 2017

  1. Going green with all types of greenery. Vibrant green will take center stage in landscapes this year.
  2. Bringing “hygge” outdoors. The Danish concept of hygge is all about creating an atmosphere of coziness by embracing the simple pleasures of life.
  3. Creating tech-savvy exterior. With the outdoor living trend here to stay, more people are investing in exteriors.
  4. Mixing up materials. Anything but uniform, more landscapes in 2017 will feature the integration of several forms of hardscape materials. From pebble paths bookended with stone planters to wooden decks adorned with iron gates and railings.
  5. Prioritizing pollinators. Increased attention on the importance of pollinators to our ecosystem has inspired homeowners to develop gardens that specifically attract vital honeybees, hummingbirds and butterflies.
  6. Growing “smart” lawns. Through selective breeding of plants, turfgrass seed producers have made significant advancements in developing cultivated grass varieties, called cultivars, that are designed to be smarter.
  7. Taking landscapes to new heights — and unusual places. Green roofs and living gardens are in unexpected settings, such as ballpark restaurants or even double-decker buses.

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