Landscaping Trends for 2017

Landscaping Trends for 2017

Seasonal Colors

Ornamental plants, grasses and shrubs have always been a timeless staple in any garden. However, homeowners now are looking for plants that can give seasonal colors all year. Choosing grasses, shrubs and confers in an assortment of shades such as green, yellow and red can add color to your garden all year long.


Eatable Gardening

With sustainability being a household trend, more are turning to their own garden for produce options. Many of these plants not only provide your family with fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs, but they look great as well.

Growing your own food does take a bit of gardening expertise to cultivate. Unlike other garden plants, you’ll need to regularly maintain your fruit and vegetable garden to have the best possible ROI. Some seeds may need to be started inside before planted in your garden.


Bright Flowers

Add some color to your garden! Bright colors are a 2017 trend and the garden is no exception. Hot pinks and bright oranges will pop in your garden. If you’d like to try this trend out for a year, choose an annual flower that won’t come back next season. But, perennials will bring a bright flower to your garden year after year.

Some colorful flower types to consider are:

  • Pansies
  • Tulips
  • Daffodils
  • Winter Aconites
  • Pink Azaleas
  • Snapdragons


Container Gardening

No longer confined to those with small spaces, container gardening is a trend for all. The containers themselves add a unique touch to any garden while the hot trend right now is to include one large plant, as opposed to many.

For those who live in colder climates, container gardening provides a way to move your outdoor garden indoors as the seasons change.


Natural Materials

The latest in landscaping is incorporating natural materials in to your pathways and lawn ornaments. Large rocks and stones have become increasingly popular as lawn décor. Stone walkways are a perfect element to any landscape design.

Permanent Activity Spaces

Your backyard should be a place to relax and enjoy. If you have a favorite yard game that you love, why not make it a permanent addition? Games like bocce ball and horseshoes can have a place in your yard to play whenever you’d like. This is a great if you frequently host outdoor parties or have company over.






Trends To Say Goodbye To

Sadly, as trends change, there are a few on the way out. Ever-popular succulents are no longer a trending item outdoors, however, are still popular in the home. The 2016 trend of hardy landscaping is no longer trending, as more homeowners look to gardening and incorporating other elements into their landscaping.

What A Landscape Designer Can Do

If you love these ideas but are not sure where to start, a landscape designer can help! A landscape designer can evaluate your current space and decide what might work best to achieve the look you desire.