Pest Control

Pest Control

A host of property-crashing regulars can make your landscape look less than radiant. Aphids, beetles, slugs, gophers, rabbits, prairie dogs and groundhogs love feeding off your property. But instead of letting them have the upper hand, you can take control with some plant pest methods.

Plant Pest Control Prevention Methods

You can use pesticides and other spot treatments to kill a pest problem that already exists, but you can also make a few improvements on your property that will help keep the problem from coming back. Start by doing a cleanup of your property. Critters like hiding out in brush, weeds, rubble and any other places that provide easy cover. This includes high grasses – so remember to regularly mow your lawn. Once you remove these hiding spots, you will hopefully force any unwanted garden visitors to seek other easy hiding places outside.

Trim the Trees, Please

Next, you’ll want to check that you don’t have any trees hanging too close or touching the roof. If you do, that tree is a perfect bridge for insects to get into your roof and you’ll need to trim the branches back to a lateral branch On the same note, check to see that shrubs and other plants are cut back a foot or more from your house walls. This will help discourage critters from hanging out too close to your property and the plants inside.

Keep Critters away with Caulk

Lastly, check all around your property for cracks and openings around doors, windows and any other areas where pests can sneak in. If you have old weather stripping, it’s worth replacing because it will keep cold, wet and bugs out so that your home’s furniture, plants and thermostat can be more easily maintained. You can use caulk to seal cracks and openings around pipes, wires, windows and pretty much anywhere else a bug might get through, both outside and inside your home.

A final change is to include pest-resistant plants in your landscape. Proper maintenance and keeping an eye out for necessary spot treatments should be all that’s needed to make sure your property stays beautiful and pest-free.


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Pest Control