Seasonal Spring Colors

Seasonal Colors

The Spring Season

By the time winter’s over, let’s face it: We want color, and we want it fast. Thus the popularity of one of the earliest blooming shrubs, forsythia, as well as the other plants that always bloom earliest in our yards. Forsythia blooms in early spring, well before many of the other flowering trees and shrubs.

Achieving color in the landscape in mid-spring generally is not a problem, since there are so many flowering trees and shrubs from which to choose.

If you plan carefully, late spring need not take a backseat to April and early May, in terms of color. Lilacs are a long-time favorite that will bring color to the landscape in late spring. To supplement your lilacs, two other plants to consider are mountain laurels and hawthorns. For more information, please consult the following articles:

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The Summer Season

In summer, the brilliant spring blooms on trees and shrubs give way to just plain old leaves. It can be a challenge to find any trees and shrubs that will bloom for a significant amount of time during the summer season. In the Southeastern U.S., the long blooming period of crape myrtle trees is a boon to summer landscaping. In the North, hydrangea shrubs inevitably enter the discussion, but another savior is long-blooming rose of Sharon, whose flowers conveniently hold off until the second half of the summer.


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