Weed Spot Treatment

Weed Spot Treatment

Weeds are the bane of our existence when trying to create a manicured landscape. Using a pre-emergent herbicide can help, but it’s best to know which type of herbicide is used for specific areas.

A pre-emergent is not a weed killer as much as it is as ‘weed preventer’, designed to keep the seeds from being able to germinate, and giving your lawn a fighting chance. By putting down a pre-emergent, it creates a barrier against weed growth that can limit the sudden spring explosion of the pesky plants. Once you place down a pre-emergent, do not aerate, since this will allow breaks in the barrier that weeds can work through.

However, most pre-emergents can actually cause problems for your landscape as well, so pre-emergents should generally be used only in areas where you want no weeds or grass, such as around shrubs or trees. Your best bet for getting rid of the weeds in a landscape itself is fall aeration, fall seeding and spring overseeding. Overseeding simply won’t work with pre-emergents.

The more familiar weed killers are ‘post-emergents’, but those are usually serious herbicides that will decimate any plant matter they come in contact with. These are the types used to eliminate dandelions growing through the sidewalk.

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